Friday, January 29, 2010

How do boys get so dirty?

It's a good thing they love taking baths with how often they get them! I read a fabulous blog last week that talked about what a great photo opportunity bath time was simply because you have a captive audience ( I decided to give it a try and we all had a blast being silly together. I love having fun with my kids - it makes all the hard things about mommyhood worth it. On a side note, I'm obsessed with a shallow depth of field (where most of the picture is blurry except for the specific thing focused on) which is one of the reasons why I adore this picture...that and I think my kids are simply adorable. Keep watching for next week's photo of the week!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to You

So Caleb found a new way to eat cake and Luke has been singing Happy Birthday to everyone all week (including his beloved Eeyore who he sleeps with) after going to his cousin's 1 year old birthday party. Both boys were so content to run around and play and were such fun to be with!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They Are the Reason

So here I am blogging - something I swore I had no time for and would absolutely not do. As I've thought about it more, though, I've realized that I need this. In the last few days I've felt challenged as I take pictures knowing I will absolutely be sharing them here. It stretches me to want to be better at photographer simply because I know I will be sharing what I do with you.

This picture was taken a year ago, just days after I received my first digital SLR camera (a Canon Rebel XS). I was tired of taking my kids to the mall department store photography chains to mark their mile stones. I thought for my 30th birthday I'd begin pursuing a new hobby. In the last 12 months I've discovered that I absolutely LOVE photography! I no longer have to wait for a scheduled appointment in hopes of capturing that amazingly adorable look one of my boys gives me! I've begun a new adventure in making memories. This is my journey.