Friday, May 13, 2011

Ten Little Toes

I have a thing for baby feet - I'm sure I've said that before, though. These little toes were too much to resist as my cutie napped in his car seat.

The week this guy hit 3 months old he found his hands. If he's not swaddled (which he emphatically demands before falling asleep) he's working to get both fists in his mouth. He managed to find his thumb for the first time on his own during one of these attempts which I was so thrilled to snag a picture of. I've joined Willet Photography's Right Now challenge to capture life as it is, no staging or over thinking it. It's so freeing to focus on right now rather than trying to come up with the ideal set up for a picture with my kids. This is going to be a long term project for me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Right now the boys are building lincoln logs and putting a puzzle together.
Right now the baby is sleeping and I'm thinking about what I should make for dinner...I think we'll have taco salad.
Right now the sun is beginning to go down which leaves me with almost no available light and the batteries on my external flash just ran out. I refuse to use the built in flash.
Right now the house is quiet but full of creating, dreaming, and is peaceful.
I am enjoying this moment immensely.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You're 5 now!

You love to build things all day long.
You have tireless energy.
You love to make up new words.
You're always coming up with new games to play with your brother.
You've grown tall and your mind is sharp.
You're not afraid of new things and crave adventure.
You turn everything into a race and competition.
You thrive on routine...but you want to do new things all the time.
You love projects.
You are a very hard worker.
You have and incredibly long attention span.
You enjoy books and love checking out books at the library.
You are very respectful.
You are incredibly coordinated and athletic without having to try hard.
You can swing on swings and cross monkey bars by yourself.
You are an amazing big brother to your two younger brothers.
You are our first born son and we absolutely adore you. You are a gift to our family and a joy to our lives!