Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You're 5 now!

You love to build things all day long.
You have tireless energy.
You love to make up new words.
You're always coming up with new games to play with your brother.
You've grown tall and your mind is sharp.
You're not afraid of new things and crave adventure.
You turn everything into a race and competition.
You thrive on routine...but you want to do new things all the time.
You love projects.
You are a very hard worker.
You have and incredibly long attention span.
You enjoy books and love checking out books at the library.
You are very respectful.
You are incredibly coordinated and athletic without having to try hard.
You can swing on swings and cross monkey bars by yourself.
You are an amazing big brother to your two younger brothers.
You are our first born son and we absolutely adore you. You are a gift to our family and a joy to our lives!


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