Friday, October 8, 2010

Apple Picking

Our family went apple picking in a local orchard two weekends ago and had such a wonderful time! Not only was it fun tasting all the different varieties before we chose which ones would go home with us, but I hadn't anticipated the sheer enjoyment the boys would have running up and down the groves of trees looking at all the fruit. They managed to chase and slightly terrify an unsuspecting grasshopper at one point in the day, which I imagine was one of the highlights for them judging from all the laughter and screeching that went on.

We managed to come home with thirty pounds of apples that were quickly turned into apple butter, crisp, and fresh juice. We had a huge basket of apples on our counter for snacking on where the boys would help themselves to one, or sometimes just a bite, and then put the apple back. We had a whole collection of apples with only on bite out of them at one point - silly boys!

Tomorrow we head out to pick pumpkins as a family which means lots more fun, adventure, and of course, pictures.


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